Remuera Post Office

Heritage plaque NZ Post office

Remuera Post Office c1914. Photo courtesy of National Bank, Remuera branch.

The original Remuera Post Office was built in 1914.  This landmark corner building is a good example of early 20th century government architecture n the Edwardian Baroque style.

The 1914 two storey brick building with clock tower included accommodation for the postmaster upstairs.  It was designed by Claude Paton in the office of the Government Architect John Campbell.  There were several attempts to have clocks installed in the clock tower and this was finally achieved in 1962 with a gift from NB Spencer, long-time Remuera resident of 70 years and Chairman of the Auckland Transport Board.

Heritage plaque Remuera Post Office

Remuera Post Office c1960.  Photo courtesy of T Sutcliffe.

Further alterations were made in 1973 following the relocation of the Post Office Savings Bank to separate accommodation.  In 1975 the Post Office acquired from M & J Cole for $305,000 additional land, including tenanted shops in Remuera Road adjoining the 1914 building for a future new post office building.

The Post Office rebuilding did not occur but NZ Post undertook a major redeveopment in 1991 to provide more retail outlets, onsite parking for 71 cars and space for its Post Shop/KiwiBank and external tenants, covering more than 2074 square metres.

The developers were Brierley Developments and the architects for the complex were Craig Craig Moller who ensured the original brick building and clock tower were retained as an integral part of the new development.

In 2013 the National Bank, the main tenant in the old building, was replaced by the ANZ Bank which had taken over the National Bank in 2003.  The building was repainted in the ANZ blue colours with heritage tonings in 2014.  Exterior lighting to highlight the clocktower was installed in 2015 by the Orakei Local Board.

 Heritage plaqueANZ Remuera lights

Lighting of clocktower on ANZ Remuera, 2015.  Photo by Ian Kohler.


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