Barfoot & Thompson Artwork

Barfoot and Thompson, along with the creative talent and artistic eye of Auckland Graffiti Artist Jonny 4Higher, have bought a fabulous splash of colour to Remuera in the form of a large artwork on the exterior wall of their building at 417 Remuera Road.


Barfoot and Thompson Artwork Remuera 10

Blank CanvasIn November 2017 what was a bland white wall has now become an array of colourful scenes of native New Zealand flora and fauna including a magnificent Tui and the ever present local icon Rangitoto.


Barfoot and Thompson Artwork Remuera 30

Work in Progress - The artwork instigated by Carolyn Vernon, Manager of Barfoot & Thompson Remuera, blends in naturally with the surrounding Village Green and environment.  Due to the removal of trees recently with the upgrade to the Village Green driveway entrance, Carolyn said she wanted to recreate some colour and bring something unique and interesting to the precinct.


 Barfoot and Thompson Artwork Remuera 50

Completed Artwork - Under Carolyn's lead, Barfoot and Thompson along with the talented Johnny, have managed to transform this once vast white empty space into something for Remuera to celebrate and to be proud of for years to come.

If you are a local or a visitor to the Remuera shopping and business community don't forget to stop by and take a look at this stunning piece of artwork and grab a great photo while you’re there!

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