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Heritage Plaque First Remuera Library

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries 7-A11340

In July 1902 the Remuera Road Board purchased land for an Office and Works Depot and by October 1902 the Remuera Road Board Office had been constructed. It occupied a position at the front of the lot, approximately where the entrance to the Village Green is now, but extending into the adjacent area now occupied by 411-413 Remuera Road.

After amalgamation with Auckland City Council on 1 March 1915, the office was refitted to become the Remuera Branch of the Auckland Public Library - see photo above - which opened on 2 October 1915.

A new Remuera Library was opened on 31 July 1926 at 429 Remuera Road, and is still operating today - see photo below.

Heritage plaque Library lights May 2012

Remuera Library at night. Photo by Ian Kohler 2012

The old library building was relocated to Pt Chevalier in 1926 (see photo below) where it operated as a Library until it was demolished to enable Great North Road to be widened and realigned.

Heritage plaque Pt Chevalier Library

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries 7-A11816

The two brick buildings at 411-413 Remuera Road were constructed in 1929, after the removal of the Library from the site.  They were built to match the existing building at 409 Remuera Road and made to appear as one construction.  Browns Clothing was located at 411 Remuera Road until 2015.  (See photo below)  

Heritage Plaque 411 Remuera Road

Browns Clothing at 411 Remuera Road

In 2015 the brick buildings at 411-413 Remuera Road were purchased by Megan Jaffe who renovated and upgraded the buildings considerably, using heritage architects.  The building was opened in June 2017 and is now home to Megan Jaffe's Ray White Remuera team.

411 remuera road complete at night 2017

Ray White Remuera's newly renovated building in 2017 - photo courtesy of Ray White


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